What's the Tool


UFI Members are recognized for their high level of quality standards, that's why the education of our professionals is a continuing priority.

The general idea of this knowledge exchange platform is that exhibition industry professionals and education institutions share information on existing educational programmes linked to the exhibition industry. Information can entered via an online standard form. To start, please click "Enter Record" .

 In a next step entries can be viewed by current and future industry professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of what kind of education programmes are currently available in the different parts of the world. To do so, please click "View and search records".

Direct contacts may also be facilitated, if the contributor has ticked the option where he/she is willing to be contacted (please note that this is not mandatory: you may well be ready to share general information, to promote your company, but not be ready to be contacted).

Please note that all entries are made under the sole responsibility of the person/company entering it and UFI cannot be held responsible in any matter related to this voluntary vased collaborative tool. For any questions regarding this tool, please contact Dr. Rowena Arzt (rowena@ufi.org).

For additional information on general education click here.

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