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The continuing growth in UFI membership and UFI approved events is convincing evidence of the worldwide recognition of the value of UFI membership. UFI members around the world are immediately identifiable through their use of the UFI logo, which is a guarantee of the dedication to the quality and spirit of trade fair initiatives common to UFI.

Being a member of UFI is a clear indication of competence and professionalism in the exhibition industry.
That's why joining UFI is not just a question of paying membership fees.

It is important for UFI members to get the most out of their membership which is why we have 5 separate membership categories:

• Exhibition Organiser
• Exhibition Venue
• Exhibition Organiser and Venue
• Partner of the Exhibition Industry
• Association

All requests for UFI membership admission are initially examined by the Membership Committee, and then passed to the Executive Committee for acceptance. All exhibition organisers must have at least one of their exhibitions approved as a "UFI Approved Event" in order to become a member.

What are UFI approved events?
UFI Event Approval is a quality label awarded to a UFI member for a specific trade fair after a detailed quality assessment. A 2014 study conducted by UFI to find out the value of UFI approved event status to its members found that the status provides quality and international recognition while also playing a role in attracting both exhibitors and visitors.

UFI approved events:
• must already have occurred at least twice;
• must be recognised as an international event with direct foreign exhibitors
representing at least 10% of the total number of exhibitors, or with foreign visitors representing at least 5% of total number of visitors;
• auditing for the statistics must be provided for at least the last edition of the event. If the event has been audited for the first time to obtain UFI Approved Event status, then the next edition must also be audited. The audit must be conducted in accordance with UFI's Auditing Rules

The definitions and standards corresponding to the criteria for UFI Event Approval are outlined in UFI Calculation Standards and Definitions.

For a complete list of the UFI member auditors, and those auditors certified to conduct audits please click here UFI Approved Auditors.

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 If you would like to find out more about UFI membership or UFI approved events, please contact Carline either by phone on +33 1 46 39 75 00 or by email,

Carline works with those interested in becoming UFI membership, assisting them in getting their applications together and ensuring that members have all of the information required. 




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