Structure & Legal Aspects

UFI is an international, non-profit association conforming to the French law of 1st July 1901. Its structure consists of decision-making bodies, regional chapters and thematic committees, devoted to serving the interests of its members and the entire exhibition industry. This structure aims at answering the needs and requirements of all UFI members, by providing them with worthwhile information for their business. Click here to download UFI Statutes or the Internal Rules.
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In order to allow UFI members to exchange valuable information, experiences, and know-how on matters of common professional interest, UFI has set up several committees dealing with various topics. These committees are open to any UFI member who wishes to regularly participate in the meetings.

Each committee, headed by a Chairman, and composed of a limited number of UFI members, depends on the active and continuing participation and commitment of its members.

If you have any questions regarding the UFI Working Committees, do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on the following link for more details about the Working Committees:

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