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Through out the ages, trade fairs have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. As a face-to-face meeting point, fairs and exhibitions are basically a target opportunity for achieving your trade objectives. They are a cost-effective means to reach your market audience - in one time and in one place.

Opportunities to Assess, Learn, and Interact

Trade fairs and exhibitions are more than just a marketing tool; they are your entire marketplaces at your fingertips. As a source of market knowledge and corporate positioning they fulfill your needs in a centralized site.

  • Feedback from your clients is available immediately giving you real-time insight into market expectations.
  • Research market potential and assess your competition. Stay abreast of Product advances and new technology.
  • Identify new agents and distributors and recruit new staff. Initiate new Alliances and establish joint ventures and project partnerships.

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Source: "Trade Fair Function and Potential Analysis", survey conducted by EMNID Institut (1,105 companies questioned) on behalf of AUMA, 1999 - Germany.

"We at United Technologies manufacture large items like aircraft engines, and exhibitions are the only effective way to show these products. There, attendees include not only top-level buyers, but also all the major players in the industry gathered in one place to compare exhibitors' products; and to get their questions answered fully and immediately."
Sal Cavallaro, Manager, Marketing Support Systems, United Technologies Corp. USA

"Nowadays, more than ever, exhibitions are significant for the restoration of economic ties in Russia, for strengthening and broadening contacts with foreign partners, and for the advancement of domestic products and technologies to foreign markets."
Stanislav Smirnov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Moscow (1998)

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