Where Markets Meet

Where Markets Meet - The Story of the Modern Exhibition


On the occasion of our organisation’s 90th anniversary, UFI launched a new industry book entitled: Where Markets Meet - The Story of the Modern Exhibition.

Exhibitions and trade shows have come a long way since our nomadic ancestors gathered their caravans in the sand all those years ago. From the medieval guild fairs that helped define towns in Europe, through the industrial age, today we trade in giant arenas dedicated to enterprise and commerce, far removed from the tents and market squares that once stood in their place.

Today the exhibition is more relevant than ever before, ironically, as our connectivity, facilitated by the digital age, makes it increasingly easy to trade from behind closed doors.

And at every show’s heart are the professionals, gathering an industry under one roof, buyers, sellers, commentators and all, for a finite time creating ‘a market in a bubble’ that foments trade and – ultimately – jobs.

This book provides a window into an industry that continues to signal its significance as our lives evolve and people seek to function at once remotely and together.





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