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The Global CEO Summit, the GCS (previously called the UFI CEO Forum or the UCF), is one of UFI’s most prestigious events and takes place each year in late January or early February. The Summit is co-organized by UFI and tfconnect.

This is an exclusive meeting as only the CEOs or equivalent of global exhibition organizing companies (member and non-member) and exhibition venues are permitted to attend. The only exceptions to this rule are the selected sponsors wishing to attend. The total number of participants is purposely limited to ensure a more intimate atmosphere.

For further information on this event, please contact info@globalceosummit.net

The next Global CEO Summit (GCS)
will be held from 2-4 February, 2016, in Munich (Germany).


  Past Editions

2015 - London, UK - 28-30 January 2015


2014 - Paris
, France - 11-12 February 2014


2013 - Vienna, Austria - 30 January - 1 February 2013

2012 - Istanbul
, Turkey - 1-3 February 2012

2011 - Geneva, Switzerland - 9-11 February 2011
2010 - Geneva, Switzerland - 3-5 February 2010
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