ICT Award

Objectives of the "UFI ICT Award" competition

  • To reward, the best exhibition industry initiatives connected to ICT as they are related to the current competition theme.
  • To give exhibition professionals the opportunity to exchange interesting and innovative ideas, concepts, techniques and knowledge to related ICT issues.
  • To honour those in the exhibition industry who have successfully implemented creative and results-oriented initiatives.

Messe München International wins 2010 UFI ICT Award

The 2010 UFI ICT competition theme required candidates to provide entries related to CRM applications that were successfully implemented by an exhibition organizer or venue manager. The finalists, Impact Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, Bangkok, Jaarbeurs Utrecht BV and Messe München International, described their respective project objectives, and the value-added services which resulted to their customers. The winning CRM business project from Messe München International was based on the establishment of a clear definition of the roles of Marketing and Sales, seamless system integration and a 360o view of the customer in order to restructure and professionalize their relationship with their 2 million trade fair visitors.

Left to right:
Ulrich Besch (Messe München International, Germany)
Werner Krabec, Chair UFI ICT Committee (Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Germany)

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